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Kéri Pharma has been operating on the pharma market for almost 30 years with the aim of doing everything and working hard for health, the most important value in life.

The history
of Kéri Pharma

Since its foundation in 1991, Kéri Pharma has been serving its partners and customers to the highest standards drawing on its expertise and decades of experience in the areas of registration, marketing and sale of pharmaceuticals.

Scope of activites

The services offered by the companies that belong to the Kéri Pharma cover all major areas of the sale of medicines.

Representation of products and companies

Full scale representation of foreign partner companies and their products in Hungary, including market research, proposals for product portfolio development, product launches.

Wholesale distribution

A comprehensive wholesale distribution and logistics service based on our wholesale distribution authorisation, including all organisational and management tasks related to imports, storage at our warehouse in Csongrád, flexible inventory management, quality assurance and transportation management.

Marketing and promotion

Full range of marketing and sales promotion services aimed at physicians and pharmacists, calls by medical representatives to physicians and pharmacies in the whole country, organisation of meetings for the medical profession and participation in congresses, organisation of public promotional campaigns.

Portfolio of own branded products

Extension of our portfolio of own branded products, purchase of licenses.

Registration, market access

Regulatory approval and market launch for medicines, including the procedures for their registration and inclusion in reimbursement.


Pharmacovigilance offered as a service to our partners.


Our ambition is to be a dynamic, independent, recognised pharmaceutical mid-sized company with an outstandingly strong portfolio, offering high quality and affordable pharmaceutical solutions to healthcare professionals and patients.



Our mission is to improve people's quality of life by developing and implementing innovative and accessible healthcare solutions in Hungary and globally.


We are committed to continuous improvement to provide high quality, safe and effective healthcare products that meet the changing needs of patients.


We aim to build long-term relationships with healthcare professionals, patients and partners, and to be trusted and responsible members of the healthcare community.

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Kéri Pharma has been operating on the pharma market for almost 30 years with the aim of doing everything and working hard for health, the most important value in life.

A team comprised of highly qualified and committed employees is the biggest strenght of our company.

We think that it is extremely important to support the professional and personal development of our employees, which can strengthen their positive future vision and satisfaction.

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Kéri Pharma is a sufficiently flexible company, reaches decision quickly and provides complex services to ensure that the products of its partners generate the highest sales in the Hungarian pharmaceutical market.

Our products

The goal of Kéri Pharma is to be able to provide complex treatment with the help of its impeccable quality products, as well as to provide outstanding added value to the therapy of patients and the everyday work of doctors and pharmacists.

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