Since its foundation in 1991, Kéri Pharma has been serving its partners and customers to the highest standards drawing on its expertise and decades of experience in the areas of registration, marketing and sale of pharmaceuticals.

from 2019

Change in Strategy

In response to the rapidly changing market environment, the management initiated a strategic change, which led to the specialization of our portfolio, while the full scale representation of foreign companies and their products in Hungary, which earned the satisfaction of our partners, was continued.

We had put a focus on high value-added prescription-only medicines of some key therapeutic areas (cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, rheumatology), products for rare diseases and special over-the-counter products, which are marketed using our substantial market experience and extensive contacts.


Joint venture, divestment

Another challenge in the Kéri Pharma Group’s history was the establishment of closer cooperation with some of our key supplier partners, during which the Kéri Pharma-Rottapharm joint venture was formed and one of our member companies, Aramis Pharma Ltd., was acquired by the international pharmaceutical company Alvogen.


The Kéri Pharma Group

The management felt that a change in strategy was required and this led to the foundation of the Kéri Pharma Group, which has been operating as an independent entity together with its member companies. Its main purpose and function is to serve its local and foreign partners solely in accordance with domestic needs, using its flexible structure, and thereby to ensure dynamic development and cooperation.


Multinational Environment

The year 2005 was another milestone in the history of Kéri Pharma.

From that year the generics business segment operated as a subsidiary of the multinational firm Actavis for four years and the management of the company gained international experience.


Own Branded Products

After several successful product launches, a new programme was initiated with the aim to develop a portfolio of own branded products that can ensure steady growth. This programme included the purchase of the licence of a large number of off-patent generic products, obtaining regulatory approval for them and launching them on the market.

Kéri Pharma has been at the forefront of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry in terms of its growth and number of product launches, and that has laid the foundation for the market presence of the Kéri Pharma and has been the main driver of its development to date.


Expansion of Activities

The next step in the development of the company was to set up a distribution system of its own, building on its extensive experience of pharmaceutical marketing, and the company launched its own import and warehouse business. It was also at that time that company started to build up contacts with wholesalers.

In the years to come, we were already able to deliver the complex services required for a competitive market presence to our clients, including:

  • full scale representation of foreign pharmaceutical companies in Hungary, regulatory approvals;
  • expertise in obtaining regulatory approvals;
  • providing marketing and promotional support;
  • doing market research and comprehensive market analyses;
  • high quality supply of wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies through our own distribution system.


The Beginnings

Kéri Pharma Ltd. was founded with the aim of providing marketing services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies in Hungary, which services at first included promotion by medical representatives and registration as core activities of the company.